Telecom Service Assurance for the Enterprise
We helped MiSO3 build a sophisticated service assurance platform for large enterprises.

Case Study: MISO3

IT Asset Management & Analytics Platform

MiSO3 tracks the life cycle of IT assets and provides actionable intelligence to help businesses reduce cost, streamline purchasing, and improve security.

MISO3 is a powerful, web-based platform that provides IT visibility and direction to enterprises in an increasingly complex business and IT universe. It is simple, intuitive and user-friendly. MISO3 will show options when it is time to renew, and will help predict future telecom and IT requirements. MISO3 will help businesses reduce cost, minimize waste, improve security and streamline purchasing.


Design, architecture and development of a complex asset management system and multi-tenant cloud deployment with data compliance & security requirements. MiSO3 is a large application which contains dozens of different modules, from reporting to address validation and network diagramming and creation. We needed to distill very complex actions into a simple UI while retaining necessary controls and customizations for C-Suite executives. In addition, several discrete levels of user permissions were required, which filter down into every aspect of the tool.


We harnessed many AWS Services in the creation of this platform, which continues to grow. We built a sophisticated Continuous Integration and Deployment solution using Amazon VPC, Docker, and CloudFormation. Client Databases are provided using MongoDB running on AWS EC2 Instances, while the global database runs on AWS RDS. Load Balancers are deployed at user entry points on a per-deployment basis to provide security and scalability.

The application itself is built with Angular with extreme modularity to allow for customizable views, fields, and forms. A complex data ingest system allows for parsing of CSV and Excel files while smart-matching with existing database object, similar to a CRM like Salesforce. A similarly complicated reporting system allows for custom generated and scheduled PDF and Excel reports delivered over email and stored in Amazon S3 for easy access and archiving. Amazon SES and SNS are harnessed for notifications and email capabilities.