Cloud Native Cost Assessment

Save money on cloud costs

Whether you in the process of migrating to the cloud or you currently have a significant cloud presence, Rackner can help you optimize your cloud environment (private, public, and hybrid) and reduce unnecessary cloud costs through our 2 Week Cloud Cost Assessment.  

This assessment will not only help with improving your bottom line but most importantly, promote the adoption and use of best practices to your cloud infrastructure.  This will help alleviate unnecessary stress for developers so that they can spend the time building features and writing code.

When was the last time you looked at your cloud environments and thought that you had the right number for everything and it was all under control only to be once again frustrated?  Have you ever noticed that the cloud costs seem to be increasing every month and you just cannot pinpoint the reason why?

Gartner predicts that 80% of enterprise IT teams will overspend their cloud infrastructure budgets. We'll help you dodge this statistic.

Strategies to save 30-40% on your cloud storage costs:

  1. Gain accurate visibility into actual usage across all cloud accounts.

  2. Forecast savings and plan data management strategies.

  3. Archive based on actual data usage to avoid cost surprises.

  4. Simplify data migrations

Goals of the Assessment:

  • Understand the total cost of your current infrastructure (TCO)

  • Ensure best practices are in place (i.e. good AWS billing paradigms)

  • Detailed implementation analysis

  • Compare cloud costs

  • Avoid wasted cloud spend with accurate cloud cost savings modeling and gain greater control

  • Cost-efficient cloud expense estimates, as well as architectural recommendations to aid in your implementation process

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